Escape the fast pace of modern life with the cabin stay by living at a pace more in harmony with the natural world; experiencing life as it was in an era gone by. . Our traditional log cabin on the shoreline of Opheim Lake offers a true escape to experience off-grid life in the woods. Find satisfaction and relaxation in discovering a non-electric life, simple yet comfortable.


In the 1970s as a young couple, we spent virtually every weekend escaping to build the cabin from scratch. Originally our special shelter helped us to connect with nature and realize our dreams.  We loved sharing this with family and friends, and now it  provides an off-grid experience for visitors from around the world. Recent updates including a new cedar shake roof and the installation of a modern wood stove to make your stay cosy and comfortable. 


The cabin is perfect for those in search of a truly unique experience. Imagine stepping back in time to when nothing needed to be charged. Imagine no phone, heating with fire, refrigerating drinks in an old fashioned, non-electric ice box and grinding your morning coffee with a hand-crank coffee grinder. The cabin has no electricity! A bright, tidy out-building with a clean composting toilet is there for when nature calls (cabin guests also have access to a washroom in the main house if preferred).  If you're more used to city life than cabin life, don't worry; you're far enough away from everything to enjoy complete peace and quiet yet close enough to the main house to get the answers to any questions you may have.


During your stay, discover the joy of cooking on an outdoor fire. Our outdoor cooking area has hosted many cook-outs and has everything you need to unearth or rediscover a love of outdoor cooking. If the weather isn't suited to sitting outside, cooking on the wood stove in the cabin is possible too. Let us know before or during your stay if you're interested in giving it a try, and we will provide all the food, fuel and know-how.



In Summer swim in the lake or take a peaceful walk on our network of trails linking lakes, forests and farmland. In Winter cross country ski our on our trail network, go snow shoeing or ice skating when the lake is frozen and smooth. For those interested in life on a small-scale farm, we'd love to tell you more or even take you out to meet the ducks, chickens and horses of Heron Point Farm. Canoes, Kayaks, Paddle boards and all the equipment you need for a great paddle is also available for hire.

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Staying in the cabin was such an adventure. We stepped back in time and enjoyed the simpler things. I’ll always remember the night skies
— Ali Elliott